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one. we will the tree welcome. so many of the daughters of somebody and gave them a chance i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in united states. two variants of you are sons and daughters twenty five million. in fact something was greeted by links between ireland and united states are not endangering. between the us president to my church did chores to do on a train to rome. all ever. president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states today because i'm
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going. i am honored to represent the kennedys reasons for the million other americans of irish roots and fifty pounds on documenting the united states because of their staffers. they are wanted them to return to ireland to visit me the immigration reform initiative in the us senate us house of representatives is a renewed opportunity to transform the start line great grandfather left during times of stress seeking to better himself his family. too many irishmen and women from every walk of life played a role in creating the three of them i'm certainly proud to be part of the great irish american tradition. o bond between our two countries runs deep and strong and i'm proud to be here. in recognition and celebration of our times. shopping for immigration reform. all of
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irish american who was in life when i was living in the shadows to reach their potential and to deport the united states of america the show are speaking as an irishman summed up in approach to life. the police did see things in statewide but i dream things that never were. can i say why not the bad quality the body of the irish. remarkable combination of hope out of the imagination. that is needed more than ever today
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it's six won fourteen euros with the need of some of the chevron bp or not. new details on the resignation of the garda commissioner sources said boston home was advised by justice officials against with toyed with the stuffy remark was told with a squad that cabinet over the telephone recordings the facts are this case besides the garda commissioner was psyched on shopping. by the to say that they can administer shopper delays are posting i actually. at that. emergency services failed to reach one part of life or death cases within the recommended time when critical interventions and getting those on critical
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interventions. as we meet them. intel dual team owner donna of grace the largest single private investment in the history of the states the five billion dollars into into ireland in july. and an emotional farewell to td making an apple. how many friends and politicians the duo. she left. do. you know. you're welcome to six one. more details have emerged to be about the circumstances which led to mark the columns resignation as garda
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commissioner. he stood on two days ago following continuing controversy over his use of the word disgusting. describe the behavior of god of whistleblowers at the emergence of recordings of telephone calls to run from garda stations. sources close to mr cavanagh said he decided to withdraw the remark. finally he decided not to withdraw the remark followed the advice from the department of justice officials. but tonight the department said that they discuss the matter on the was no question over attraction being rude eyes. the news also learned that the commission was informed of this whole not moving nice but the most senior official in the patna justice that there was disquiet at cabinet level over the telephone recordings it's two days since the former garda commissioner martin resigned but questions still remain as to the circumstances surrounding his decision to go. he had been under severe pressure following a series of controversies involving the consolation penalty points. the next surveillance
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of the ge stock offices and his use of the word disgusting in relation to the dog whistle blowers the controversy escalated last thursday. minister for transport said he should withdraw the remark. and in spite of that the shock saying that ministers should reserve their opinion for covenant. labour ministers continued to voice their concerns. the former commissioner had said privately he knew his use of the board was wrong and considered was going to remark last friday following the publication of the doctor protection commission's report into the post system however fourteen news has learned. the martin government consulted with a number of officials here at the department of justice was advised not to withdraw the remark. he was informed that if he did so. it would probably not be enough. more would be sought from him the controversy would continue. he decided not to withdraw the remark. last week and the attorney general told that the show. according
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to the attention of telephone calls and all the stations all over the country. the g shock said. he then sends the most senior official in the department of justice bryant or so to the garda commissioner is home to abrasive of the gravity of the situation. sources close to mark and come in today said he was already aware of the gravity of the situation he had consulted with the attorney general for months earlier and had set up a working group to deal with the issue. with the sec the general of the department of justice. two weeks previously and asked him to tell the minister for justice about the issue. however by the time brian russell called in to the commissioners home last monday nights the minister said he still hadn't seen that letter sources close to market come and say that the two men talked about the emergence of the top of the recordings and that the conversation was polite and involved somewhat diplomatic language. they also say that one person explains to market accounting
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dr was the difficulty of coveted level in relation to the issue that the was some disquiet and thought it was put to the former guard the commissioner but there may or may not be a difficulty for him over the issue of the covenant into the next day. the former commissioner was asked to consider what he was told overnight. the next day he again spoke to the sec gen the department who sources say informed about the situation had not changed barton come and then told the second the general according to sources. with all this going on and it didn't seem to be going away he was going to resign. he said he felt that the recent developments were proving to be a distraction from the important day to day work of the gardenia and he was stepping down in the best interests of his family there's no doubt that this was martin collins decision sources close to him say he felt he was being given mixed messages on the one hundred no minister had called for
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him to resign. they had only asked that he withdraw the remark while others are professed confidence in him on the other hand sources say he had been told by the most senior civil servant in the department of justice after being sent to his home by the tv show that there was disquiet over the recordings last tuesday morning. mark and kelvin became only the second garda commissioner in the history of the state to resign. for rebel sport team used the blog. he should tell this to have both expressed concern that i got the phone recordings which may have implications for cases before the courts and tribunals. the communications pass rappers insisted neither he nor others knew anything about the recordings onto the cabinet meeting on tuesday morning. the full life from god's revelation is it that the guy that at home according to its continuing wicket he said. cornish to expressing concern and legal
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implications his senior season clearance and can score does it begin with although the two destroyers and produce many of them that his conditions for. for some of the findings him. i'm concerned about the impact on the tapes. on the cases before the courts. the cases that have already heard that was also drawn again and affecting general of the departed is just as keen as the school to mark the president of the night before his departure. this is the commissioner and his own decision and is known to use them in his press release. i don't know some of his cabinet colleagues would detail the uk and came to the former commissioner had wanted to which all his controversial remarks last week but was advised not to but department officials and also that there was disquiet over and the cabinet table but couldn't get telephone recordings and this was communicated to market and on
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monday night. i know that's true. because the cabinet didn't have the information on monday nights. the cabinet was in grief into choose to so we couldn't be true. so i don't know whether an option the former commissioner was advised not to with all his remark that the accounts committee said. looking back condition. it is needed to go ahead and we watched to many of which the opposition bill it was very simple one and assigned to keep another increase in the parks are the status of the garda commissioner was psyched on stuff that i by the government to say that they can administer shot of the government's intention and this is not to worship on its protect our charter is to protect them and i'm greedy want us to wonder what it's worth it for her today. like she is sure to fourteen years into this. paul reynolds and a double pass standing by for us at an adult. hold that the plot thickens and some
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confusion deceiving about this and contention that the former commissioner was discouraged from a feeling an apology last week. bush urges the last few minutes we first received a statement from the department of design decision. common sense either that or ongoing discussions between justice officials on the former county commissioner over the penalty points issue. it also says that it was recognized on a further statement on the mother was a proper for the prosecution of good introduction to these disgusting remarks the statement also says that towards the end of last week the word discussions about the possibility of his making a further statement on what form that statement might take. but the department says there was no question of the department suggesting that this possibility of the commissioner and making a statement on the road however as to the point as to whether or not. and the garda commissioner was advised by officials from the department of justice not to explore
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the smart grid up and walk at the stake and it doesn't address the issues. it didn't get one free ticket to make of all of this and also pick up on to the position as a contention that the commission was effectively sacrificed to it to state that the risk of skin of his boss. shirt logo to the pier that occasion was the driving season all the events surrounding the departure of martin come in just three feet to go through the top and i began to look at it in perspective the attorney says that they can eat on sunday night to fall to the porous nature of the bikini briefs. i went over the justice minister with the no is a senior official was dispatched to difficult to unmistakable message to the feed and bag are the commissioner fast forward to tuesday's cabinet as you head out rabbit say that the president and get him or knew of was detected said before the regular cabinet meeting that with the key to the right to tell ministers with difficulties some of them had already had the mark with thousands of dollars that the opposition as you say and say that at
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the pace eased the pressure on. in addition the ministers are pointing to the reasons the family reasons. mr condit use to this statement quote that circles the government to do but spoke this evening put it this way he said that sometimes in politics is the straw that breaks the camel's back. i think you need computer chip maker intel has revealed it's made the largest single private investment in the history of the stage company and spend five billion dollars over the past three years of radio contact with each step the move longer can the job before the half thousand employees there. normally on your birthday. others bring you gifts today yes the celebrations twenty five years and i didn't intend on the details of a massive upgrade its quite contented i didn't report the institute on her report last year that meant that we've invested five billion dollars in client in kelantan bike in
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twenty eleven in tow signal to five hundred million dollar refurbishment of one chip fabrication plant in the trip but since then the publicity shy companies don't last more than a single biggest private investment in state history. the two men who had their citizens to make cutting edge chips from next year. underpinning before the fires of jobs there for some time to come the project details of which have only been revealed for the first time today as unfolds the refurbishment of a number of these types of fabrication plants here behind me. life has its construction workers have been involved. work is still continuing today. the company said employees education and vocational contributes to its decision to invest further here. watch for corporation tax system were less favorable. we believe him manufacturing base in the eu we've been very confident in our operations here so you know it has been a favorable business climate in our lacrosse but it's absolutely a much broader point of view
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of government faced a more than welcome good news the rta said it would do wonders for our reputation abroad. this cooking light demonstration to track record of tickets for record of constant re investment. what does that concern as paul points to the story to improve the business. since abiding in our heads twenty five years ago intel to just twelve of the hot billion dollars here. today's revelations are any indicator it doesn't come on cashing in its chips here for the forseeable future. but the body rte news dixon. a report on the twenty investigations unit to spend some time sapping pushed past with a rising from delays in its response time this report it's just one in three people with life threatening conditions was responded to by the ambience of the weekend the recommended time to time last year the first to spend some time last year. this woman was among them the day. twenty
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five minutes after emergency call. descendants of months and seen the woman was happy to supply the information in quantico. she said sometimes that seventy five percent of life because i get a first response within eight minutes last year however according to unpublished agency figures the almond service arrived in eight minutes in just thirty percent of life threatening cases. the agency says the true figure is higher than thirty percent the concert we can use the responses on our hands and fingers. however parse or suggest that it can't and this could only marquee improve the finger. new tiling thirty percent patients who are going to school and pensions and getting those on physical interventions. as we meet them. the first response is not cost the mountains can be topped or other competent person as long as the actual mountains we choose life because within ninety minutes
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this is the second ticket august was eighty five percent of critical calls going down this weekend this time. last year and dominance is to only sixty four percent of such patients on time this compared bobby timmons in scotland. she's ninety eight percent and ninety seven percent respectively but the ominous service as it is moving twenty targets. we are working really well to me because i do enjoy. we'd like to drivers is good. cars erica most effective way of cash and tears to critical patients. fifteen rapid response cars are monsters threat the country. by contrast sixty and the officers' corps officer response vehicles. these vehicles driven by officers who also paramedics are infrequently used for emergency calls the taking of nights and weekends. bonnie and i returned the officers called to see in the center announced tuesday. they knew
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that the situation. we have an audience that can't speak route because the particles than those it just doesn't make sense. the national common sense says that all rapid response cars are fully monitored. the current use by managers is consistent with their on call policy. this meant fourteen. the funeral has taken place in the field of the family wrote e g making a come along for the west needs to pee dee da don't choose to follow in a buffet with no turn your own disease. he should call and i'm the president were among the mourners were told how she had for her illness with determination. an idea she was fifty one years old with a career in elected office of less than fifteen years before in a stalker and i would make him act fast and powerful personal impact on everyone she meets. was that thing. dark and handsome goals were met by friends and political colleagues from all over the country. they
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brought her remains. jordy the queen of peace church goes and i'll touch on this morning. the president led the mourners of status at this funeral that the ship was there with the polish to cabinet members. tt's senators anybody's the junk or less. the pinafore to me hone our time. as for the detention of them spoke of her love for fashion or twice since terrorists or with illness. furthermore your own boss and going to define it. he pauses. if i were working. i'm so grateful with their faces i wanted they don't really give political representatives provided a guard of honor to loosen symmetry for the t shirt to the rest of the mold to a gravesite oration. must
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be that woman it is beautiful she was huge. the move. he warned. the scene. to whom the total. the former german jewish tourists going to one side is trying to detach yourself from the bank to save himself from the team the dublin circuit criminal court has heard interviews carried out by going for with sean fitzpatrick four years ago. mr fitzpatrick and two former executives of the bank denied giving any notice to sixteen people to buy shares at nine am. still in the past except tennis chief executive and became non executive chairman of anglo irish bank down during two thousand and five. david frum took over as chief executive is to fix traffic to look like
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the midst of troubles here to get off that ms did i wanted to show he was independent of the stupid tactic that the key was never involved in decisions on executive masters. sean fitzpatrick agreed with heartbeat if he was seen as the space of time though was its ninety was trying to tax itself from the bike by emphasizing is not expected to grow he says he told the truth when the wrong answer to questions as straight as he coached the city plaza is trying to save himself from a name. one time he was asked to help us executive level was when he was asked by david drum to attend a meeting with sean quinn and aches two thousand and seven said mr drum said mr quinn had high regard for mr to stop jake. they were shocked to find that the extent of mr quinn's intense that i have this meeting was informed by exploits. this is the topic said he was in france on july the ninth two thousand and eight when he got a phone call from david john key said mr dunn told them they were going to ask ten customers to buy ten percent of shawn green's contested the time
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mr dunn told any techniques to know the identities of these keeping it very tight security and that their names announced six months later he said mr drum toast and taking advice by investment bank morgan stanley the financial regulation and center pipe would be delighted to conceal the stupid topic said he was to tell the course the good news. he was asked by guard the how the theft but that by sending money pit the transaction is to tactics to deal with the short of a salt kosher and above board he said mr dramas going to do one of the most he looked at d is an rn and a team looking to done something illegal or note on rte news the dublin circuit criminal court. this is a six one was from the canteen to take. i mean
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i want. topical stories and celebrity interviews. well claire someone seeks the quirky stories around the country. the. great kids late lunch on weekdays at two pm. it makes the world it is. i can. new weights
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effects if you lean crawling and can tackle the hot topics it became like feedback from viewers. keeping them on their toes and stuff in the fun fair debate. as of today just in the police in retirement beach florida have just released a video of
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the canadian uk with j at three pm. in eighteen one digital channel thirty point one oz. the beach. if that's not the negatives of age gage is more of the season it is stupid and don't try to copy that there are really beyond all human being. i gave you time to be a kind of existing with that tiny bit tough side to things happened that's all in the heart it's late they cost me just to india. it's not that into the years. so that's what the founders be to get into thinking that i need for speed. the incidence of type c late to do this for some hiking. i cannot deny and
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tilting in the bbc it has been going on i mean i did nothing to be continued i took the snap and just downright to stay behind the security deed and what it was abandoning its common name in vain to tingle. i don't spend much of an eye test and i must have a decent so i did it. she has given me for whatever reasons. he made an even seem to want to win support for me. she was a courthouse laid back. she was and what he's going to get there and she never had traveled to the fact of the twenty one. i said to look in the private sector giving in to the new complex and would look like her husband dna to look like cindy and i see that the one when he went hunting and pajama up because none of us in the company would take my word is mentioned times for me. i need to be able to tell them that. he's attending got to keep its uses. that's my
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back to you. the company spent nine months of listing of you know she had to be decided in the one thing getting sacked. even so she was the one who was beaten on the intercom on site cafe snow day in my own printer life. the two leaders of expediency that and not getting a job i was really surprised. no not what we are getting something was. i first got on the dance i ate this gave me this as being of that i cannot believe the hill. i like to think that maybe i don't want to be a tool. another question what the house with an echo. i think that one of the house agent jason is up. somebody with the bases. it is just not seeing him. and indeed
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all the cuts it. these days and i had to pretend he's been on the ground. did you read. it's the busy thinking up your many teammates. woo hoo hoo hoo hoo. ralph. she's an option. one of ireland's most respected journal. it has no boundaries and deals with issues that are topical matters. the fears of a nation economics politics sport and culture. we discussed the possible evidence of the new prison guard. we also have some news about most of the cars carried into the weekdays at five pm. i do. it is. thus
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the child is to write about good job. wednesday the seventh of mulch the terms outlined against the kids on a


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